Dental Floss Picks 120 Counts, 2 Travel Floss Cases, And Toothpicks 120 Counts,2 Boxes .Gift 1 Mini Toothpick Box.

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  • Feature:
  • • ★PROFESSION FLOSSERS.The line of the floss sticks are made of polymer material, high strength and not easy to break.Smooth line has a low friction coefficient which is easy to slide between the teeth and not easy to hurt the teeth.
  • • ★TRAVEL FLOSS AND TOOTHPICK. Our floss pics packed in a case. The floss pick case is square and can conveniently place in your home, office, car, or picnic mat.The toothpick is housed in the mini toothpick box and is easy to pull out and carry.
  • • ★UPGRADE TOOTHPICK. The toothpick is formed once ,and made of upgrade food grade polypropylene. it becomes more tough than other products and not easy to break. It can clean hard-to-reach places between the teeth.
  • • ★DEEP CLEANING. The fishbone-shaped toothpick head 's slender and soft bristles and the tail of the sickle-shaped toothpick, smooth, slim and tough, can easily remove food debris and tartar, can cope with early calculus.
  • • ★ABOUT US. Our factory specializes in oral products, and provides OEM production services to many of the world's famous brands. Our factory uses automated assembly line equipment to produce high quality products.
Product description

Color:White Floss 120PCS & Toothpicks 120PCS

Floss Picks, 2 Travel Floss Cases 120 Counts and Toothpicks ,2 Boxes 120 Counts.

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① high strength line
② small coefficient of friction,easy to slide between the teeth
③ not easy to break
④ durable handle
⑤ food grade
EasyHonor's thread is made of polymer material, the thread is the high strength and smooth, the floss is easy to slide between the teeth, and they are not easy to break; its handle is food grade material ABS polystyrene, more durable.

①toothpick head , fishbone-shaped design
②toothpick tail , sickle-shaped design
③once formed
④not easy to break
⑤ food grade
The toothpick is smooth, slim, tough, can easily remove food debris and tartar, can cope with early calculus.It is made of food grade polypropylene.
The toothpick is formed once, is tough enough, not easy to break .

Our floss pics are packaged in a case and we can close the case after each flossing to ensure that the remaining floss is healthier.
There is a small hole in the top of the toothpick box so you can easily pull out the toothpick without opening the entire lid.
The toothpick box is small and can be placed in a handbag, computer bag, business bag or even a pocket. It's truly portable, easy to travel and go out.

Our manufacturer, focusing on oral products. Our boss said that I want to do the best oral product and provide high quality dental floss to the world. The fully automated assembly line equipment used in the factory guarantees the production of high quality products.

Customer reviews

Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2019

Great quality!!!!!!
This floss is what every home, office, car, purse, backpack needs. We use a lot of floss picks in my house but I have never used anything this great. Other floss break so quick and easily but I literally used this floss for 10-15 and didn’t break or didn’t show any signs of it breaking. I love the fact that it comes in cases so it’s easier to have with you on the go. This is the only floss I will be buying from now on. I’m not even joking. This product is that good. You will not be disappointed.
Matthew A. Garlough

Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2019

Perfect tool for the job
These things are awesome! I have been struggling with stuck food between my molars since I had my wisdom teeth pulled and had just been putting up with it. Toothpicks work sometimes but tend to come apart and dental floss is a pain to use on back teeth. The floss picks are so easy to use and get the job done In seconds without a mess and fuss. I'll will definitely be getting more when I start to run out. Thanks so much!
Annette Smith

Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2020

Really shocked at how well these work
Have used them for a week now and have not had one floss break! They seem to be really strong. Also, the storage cases are great for multiple family members to keep their own pack. Will save these boxes to use for travel as well.
Kathy Rae

Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2019

Large Supplies of Great Floss tool..
The shape is perfect for cleaning your teeth. A great tool!
D. Evans

Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2019

I am very pleased with these losses. I purchased them because they were individually wrapped in a plastic clear wrapper. My gift love them. Fast shipping