About EasyHonor

Dongguan Tianxianxing Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the development of health and leisure products.
Dongguan Tianxianxing Co., Ltd. was founded in Dongguan, China, and develops and sells health and leisure products to the world.

Dongguan is a city known as the "Factory of the World", which brings together the outstanding manufacturing capabilities of China.

Tianxianxing, ranked fourth in 108 constellations in ancient Chinese mythology, means "Leisurely stars in the sky" in Chinese. He is a constellation of Easy and Honor.Dongguan Tianxianxing Co., Ltd. has strong product development capabilities, including water bottles, oral care, personal care and other series.

Hard-working, disciplined and highly skilled factory workers, automated assembly lines, plenty and variety of accessories, and a continuously strong design level that learn from the world, these factors are our confidence and ambition to go to the world.
"Make it easy" is our company's business philosophy. Therefore, we are committed to product development with strong practicality and simple design. The quality of our products can make your life easier, and our sophisticated product design can make your spirit more pleasant.
Our high-quality product quality and product design exceed customer expectations, which has earned us a good reputation with our customers. We are committed to the development of practical and well-designed products and practical testing of all products. We only sell products that satisfy our employees. It is these views and implementation that ensure the excellent performance of the product and customer recognition.
For Tianxianxing, reliable quality and exquisite design are the core of all works.

EasyHonor is the company's product brand. Our LOGO is a relaxed and happy humanoid icon. It is a suffix "er" composed of the first letter "e" and the last letter "r". The meaning of LOGO is people-oriented. Employees are satisfied, customers are satisfied, everyone is happy.We are convinced that: people-oriented and everyone happy is the core of the company's development and product sales.